Goal of Harijas

Our Mission

The mission of HARIJAS SPICES Company is to provide our customers with high quality with delicious tasting.We do this by sourcing, processing and delivering single spices, herbs, all agro products and dehydrated vegetables in an economically efficient and quality consistent way.

Our Vision

We are always looking for ways to deliver the finest quality of spices at the most affordable prices.We secure an uninterrupted supply of authentic, natural and food safe spices. We commit to the importance of developing a sustainable supply chain.Therefore we invest in people, in relationships, in order to be partners.


Years Of Experience






Harijas infrastrucrure

Harijas Spices is located in Sonipat, Hariyana.Our infrastructure are fully equipped with high quality machinery and equipment's, which is used throughout the entire production line.

Our well designed infrastructure includes Cleaning, Blending, Testing and Packing.

The perfect Spicy taste

We believe in execution of quality & healthy Spices for our clients. It’s our goal to provide a better quality Spices every time you buy with us. We contains proper quality without giving up our original taste.